Roller Chains

Stainless Steel ChainsStainless Steel

Diamond AP Stainless Chain: This chain is assembled using 300 Series (austenitic stainless) link plates, bushings and rollers along with a precipitation-hardened stainless steel pin. This combination increases the wear life of this chain over those constructed entirely of 300 Series components. AP Stainless chains are well suited for food processing, and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. AP Stainless will be supplied unless otherwise specified.

Diamond 300 Series Stainless Chain: These chains are assembled entirely from 300 Series (austenitic) components. They have excellent corrosion resistance and very low magnetic permeability but cannot be expected to have the same wear resistance of our heat treated stainless chains. For industries that require it, 300 Series chains can be considered “non-sparking.”