Cast Iron CasterCast Iron

Sometimes called semi-steel because of scrap steel content.

  • High capacity
  • Long service life
Phenolic CasterPhenolic

Single piece phenolic resin compound molded with macerated canvas under extreme pressure and heat.

Mold-On Rubber CasterMold-On Rubber

Traditional cushioned rubber tread culcanized to a cast iron core.

  • Quiet
  • Floor protective
Iron Core CasterIron Core

3/8" to 1/2" thick polyurethane tread is chemically bonded to a cast iron core.

  • Low rolling resistence
  • Good floor protection
Polyurethane Aluminum Core CasterPolyurethane Aluminum Core

Premium polyurethane mechanically and chemically bonded to a reinforced aluminum core.

  • High Capacity
  • Good floor protection
  • Looks sharp
Polyurethane on Polyolefin CasterPolyurethane on Polyolefin

Injection molded polyurethane tread is mechanically and chemically bonded to a polyolefin core.

  • lighter than polyurethane treads on steel or aluminum cores
Santoprene CasterSantoprene

Thermoplastic rubber bonded to a polyolefin core

  • Grey non-marking tread